I Believe Writing Is A Blessing


I made this post originally back in October 2011 before my sites were hacked so I have re-posted it with just a few minor changes.
Thanks Paul Mara
Hi I’m back again, it’s been more than a month now since my last post and honestly I am still struggling to come to terms with my condition.

I suppose acceptance is a more appropriate word.

I still feel as if I am running at about 30-40% and I still have my bad days.

The medication has certainly helped as far as my anger is concerned, but I still have a lot of what I call “wooziness” and I feel my reflexes have slowed, initially there were really bad when I started my meds but are improving weekly, no not weakly!

Blogging Again Finally!

I finally decided it get back into my blogging, about 3 weeks ago I been just dabbling up till then and I feel that writing posts for my blogs has definitely been an outlet which has certainly helped because I love writing and sharing.

On the 28th of October I was writing an “About Page” for one of my blogs and the words just seemed to flow 1075 of them, wow!

This morning I was proof reading it online like I usually do after a couple of days and I was impressed that I had been able to open up so much.

An Excerpt From “About”

About Paul Mara aka Papy Paul Mara


Hi I wish one and all a very warm welcome my name is Paul Mara I wrote in the heading in three languages in which I am fluent, English, Tahitian and French.
If any of you have already read some of my blogs you may have seen the following or parts there of. I will be posting this page and excepts on my other blogs…

We Are All Blessed!

Each and every one of us are blessed in one way or another without even realizing it!
So I decided to share some of my blessings in the hope it will stimulate your thoughts of how blessed you really are if you look hard enough!


I honestly believe I have been blessed in so many ways, my wonderful wife and I have 6 beautiful children and currently 11 gorgeous grandchildren my first blessing.


I have lived and worked in what I call “My Three Pearls Of Oceania” true paradises which is my second blessing.


I am fluent in three languages Tahitian English and French which I consider my third blessing.


I am 64 years young as I am writing this and in reasonable health, apart from my depression, my fourth blessing.


I had wonderful parents my birth mother died when I was just 10 years and my step mother did a wonderful job of bringing my younger sister and myself up blessing number five.

Final Count

I finished off with 10 blessings, I am sure I could easily written another 50 if needed.

The reason I’m sharing with you all is because when I reread what I had written this morning it was so uplifting, whereas at the time it seemed just to be words.

So I thought to myself, hey, if anyone reading this took the time to write down at least “10 Reasons Why They Are Blessed” then went back a few days later it would help them just as it has helped me!

If you wish to read the whole article simply click here…

Do you remember an old saying “Count Your Blessings” well I suppose that is exactly what this is all about.
Chin up and confront your depression front on, yes I am struggling still but I am making a big effort, you will win the battle.

Yes! Count your blessings one by one and they will all add up!

Stay positive and have a good day and come back soon…


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