Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook

Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook

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There are hundreds of books that will try to help you overcome or put an end to depression.

But what if you could use your depression to change your life for the better?

Your symptoms may be signals that something in your life needs to change. Learning to understand and interpret these signals is much more important than ignoring or avoiding them-approaches that only make the situation worse.

This workbook uses techniques from acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to offer a new treatment plan for depression that will help you live a productive life by accepting your feelings instead of fruitlessly trying to avoid them.

The Mindfulness & Acceptance Workbook for Depression will show you, step-by-step, how to stop this cycle, feel more energized, and involve yourself in pleasurable and fulfilling activities that will help you work through, rather than avoid, aspects of your life that are depressing you.

Use the techniques in this book to evaluate your own depression and create a personalized treatment plan. You’ll enrich your total life experience by focusing your energy not on fighting depression, but on living the life you want.

Includes a CD.

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