Stop Worrying – Avoid Depression!

Symptoms Of Stress And Anxiety

When it comes to symptoms of stress and anxiety we as individuals can be affected in different ways, but the root of all our stress and anxiety is born from one major thing, what do you think that is?


Personally I have never been a great worrier, if that’s a word.
I have always let others worry but with age and being less active I have found I have become a worrier, not chronic but I found that I do worry far more than ever before, and I belief it was one of the main contributors to my depression.

How To Stop Worrying

Sure we all worry at times, and there is probably no way we can completely stop worrying, but in saying that there are however certain techniques you can employ right now to limit your worrying and there by alleviate your symptoms of stress and anxiety.
These following tips on how to stop worrying I believe are the reasons I became depressive.
Why you may ask?
The simple answer is this when I was in business I really never worried to much because I was always super active, both my wife and I worked hard and long hours and then we would take a 3 – 5 day break and travel somewhere, we were successful and so busy we never had time to worry.
Of course since then we have had some major changes in our lives so with so much time on my hands and no challenges I analysed my current situation and how I coped with what can been called every day worries.
A list of what I employed during those years I have shared in the following, I’m sure once you read them you will see where I’m coming from.

Action List

Plan and be prepared to take action!
Today it is so easy we all have technology at our finger tips, iPhone’s, Android phones etc.
There all have Calendars (Diary) and Reminders so set them up so that your appointments, bills to pay, birthdays and whatever else you need to try and remember and set the alerts, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much LESS you have to worry.
Know where your going!
Without going into to much detail learn how to become “Goal Setting Smart” if you know where your going and how you are going to get there, it will mean you are also prepared for any adversity and how to confront it.
So be pro active and begin doing some positive planning and goal setting.
Take Action Now!

Be Decisive

I made it a point to always make rapid decisions based on firstly instinct and secondly my experience and knowledge.
Sometimes my decisions weren’t entirely correct but that was fine because I didn’t waste my time worrying about what to do.
I suppose bottom line for me was that a bad decision was better than no decision at all, you would have to agree.
Big decisions like changing your job or buying a house you will need to do some research of course first, so begin gathering information as soon as possible so you can make a calculated decision
The burden of indecision creates anxiety, stress and even sometimes anger, three major contributors to depression!
Instant relief can be found from decision making and guess what, wrong decision, just make a new one you have enough information to adjust, but do it straight away don’t put it off.
As I said earlier “Take Action Now!”
Well folks I will continue my list in my next post, I am sure you learnt a lot already from what I have written, thank you for taking the time to read my article.
To Be Continued…

So as the song says “Stop Worrying, Be Happy” and have a worry free day stay positive and come back soon…
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