Stop Worrying – Avoid Depression

Make A Worry List

I have read literally hundreds of motivational books written by people far wiser than myself and one thing many of these people had was a “Worry List!”

Sounds odd I know the first time I read it I was scratching my head a little.
The idea is to spend maybe up to an hour once or twice a week and make a list of what you are worrying about most, of course that is if you are a worrier.

Read through the list decide if they are real or just not worth worrying about, if it is then put a time or date to it and add it to you Calendar or Reminder list as mentioned above.

Then you can say to yourself, well that’s sorted and I’ll address it when it comes up, sorted no more worries.

One of these people said when they had finished they would flush it down the toilet, where all worries should go, I loved it, what a great way to get rid of your worries.

Only Solutions

I also read that when major problems rear their ugly head one person said don’t think about the problem only think about a solution once you do that you no longer have a problem or a worry.

Yes we all do have real problems so the best way is to confront them head on and act on them directly and quickly by finding solutions to resolve them.

In 1996 when I decided that my family and I would shift permanently to Australia to live, once my wife and I had discussed it with our children who were still at home, only one daughter didn’t want to move, now of course she is very happy we did.

Anyway to eliminate any further worries and stress I bought all our one way tickets six months before we were due to leave, put our house and other properties up for sale, decision made, action taken, no more worrying or stress!

Learn To Relax

Easier said than done, I can hear you saying!

Well not really just think back to when you were a child what you enjoyed most and maybe its something you would still like to do.

Of course Yoga, meditations, listening to music are all great ways to relax.
As I said my wife and I loved to travel and that relaxed us and we returned home ready to confront whatever head on if necessary.
If your actually feeling uptight right now give this a go.

Drop your shoulders that helps you to relax now softly close your eyes and take several slow deep breaths in through your nose, then release slowly and your body will relax and release any tension, believe me it works.

Now that was simple and easy to do wasn’t it.

Mental Anticipation

We can actually mentally tear ourselves apart with anticipation!

What do I mean?

Well it usually starts with two words!

Which Are? Your Asking?

I actually laugh often about this as my wife is one of these types of worriers.


The mental pain, stress and worry in anticipating problems is actually the problem.

So if you have a “What If” anticipated problem, such as I might get my car stolen if I leave it out on the roadside, there really is no problem until some one actually steals your car and anyway that’s not a problem, yes it’s inconvenient but if you have insurance, which you should, then why worry and create even more stress for yourself.

My pet one is “What if I forget”

Try the above techniques. Make habits out of whichever ones work best to stop your worries. They need to be habits because nothing works if you forget to use it.

In fact, until they become habitual, you may want to carry a list of your favourite techniques for eliminating worry.

If it hasn’t happened yet don’t worry about it, because funnily enough it may never happen.

So as the song says “Stop Worrying, Be Happy and have a worry free day stay positive and come back soon…

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